"I met Brain Downey about 3 years ago through his karaoke website called Burning Addiction. I first just ordered a few Tunes off his sight and was pleased with the cuts. I had a few questions later on and contacted Brain. He helped me out promptly. After that I stuck with Brain because he is very knowledgeable and is always there with a helping hand not to mention his repertoire in tunes.
I recommend Brain to anyone that is wanting to deal with someone that is sincere and knows the business inside out...."
Bobby Wilson, Tucson Arizona

Here's what our clients have to say...

From the customization of tracks; to building them a system; to hosting their events

Always fun.. Great company.. The list of songs is always up to date and current. Old; new; I personally love the old school stuff.. Prices are always fair & reasonable.. I absolutely love his style of music and I love the fact that the host sings with you, and will help you with your duets... I've always enjoyed Brain Downey.. he's awesome...!!!

Carol McBroom, North Las Vegas Nevada

"Brain Downey is an exemplary professional. His insightful thought is way above the curve. His music production is far better than most. He has the "Midas Touch" when it comes to music and he makes it all look so easy. He was solely responsible for making my club the #1 karaoke venue in Las Vegas".​ Thank you Brain

​Elvis Nargi, San Diego California

"CD+Gs that were made for me by TheOnlyBigDog.com are by far the very best I have come across. Anything custom made for you is just that... custom made just for you. No one else will have what you ordered. The CD+G quality is so outstanding that you will think it is the actual original track used by the original artist. I highly recommend ordering from him".
Jesse Aron James, Lexington Kentucky

We've had the best parties hosted by Brain Downey and Who's Next Karaoke. The ultimate best song selections. Worth every penny.

Leonard Helms & Didi, Las Vegas Nevada