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About Us

A Burning Addiction specializes in producing backing & karaoke tracks of professional quality. 

  • Backing tracks are available in midi and audio format.  The audio format features genuine instrumentation and some of the backings also feature harmony vocals.
  • The audio backings and midi files are available on CD's and Digital MP3 files that can be emailed to you
  • Instruments and/or harmonies can be removed from backings on request enabling you to tailor the backings to your specifications
  • For more details on what A Burning Addiction has to offer, please take a moment to browse through our website

  • A Burning Addiction audio backing tracks feature real instrumentation, provided by professional session musicians. 
  • The backings are recorded with the emphasis to recreate the sound and style of the original version.  Any songs that originally had fade out endings have been given proper endings as there is nothing worse than seeing a singer on stage trying to cover a fade out... Is there?
  • If you would like any instrument(s) removed from the backing tracks, simply tell us what you would like removed and we will do it for you!  We can take as much as you like off any backing. For price details please go to the price list page.
  • Every midi file written at A Burning Addiction is written entirely from scratch with the emphasis being to make the file sound as close to the original version as possible.

What is the difference between audio and midi?

  • Basically a midi file consists of data that is read by a sequencer and audio is live sound played by a CD, Mini-disk player or a midi-player.
  • Midi files can be edited so that you can remove and change instruments, slow songs down or speed them up, change the song key and water the plants with them!  Okay, so the last bit isn't true but musically speaking there is nothing you can't do to a midi file
  • You will need to learn to use a sequencer (computer or hardware version), but the effort is definitely worth it.    
  • Audio backing tracks feature genuine instrumentation and harmonies.  Knowledge of sequencers or midi is not needed!
  • We should stress at this point that the audio backings at A Burning Addiction are NOT midi files recorded as audio, instead they are recordings that utilize genuine instrumentation and top session musicians to recreate a live band sound
  • So, which one is right for you?  Both alternatives provided at A Burning Addiction are of an excellent musical standard and we can also remove any instrumentation or harmonies from the audio backings you require.


  • Audio: The song cannot be edited.  
  • Midi: The instrumentation is synthesized versions of real instruments.  Quality of sounds depends on the sequencer/keyboard used.


  • Audio: Genuine instrumentation and harmonies.
  • Midi: Files can be edited to user's specification.

If you have any queries on this issue or would like some more advice
then please contact us